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End of year survey, taken from Kim

Decided to do a year end survey for once, partially to make up for the fact that I'm never on here.

1.Where did you begin 2012?
I was sticking my naked butt out of some friends window, actually.

2. What was your status by Valentines Day?
Same as it has been for about nine years, in a relationship.

3. Were you in school anytime this year?
I was subbing at high schools, junior highs, one elementary and several lyfe programs for babies of hs kids. Also took (taking) classes for masters credits through Touro and the UFT.

4. Did you have to go to the hospital?
Yes, my dad had a pain in his chest that thankfully turned out to be nothing.

5. Did you have any encounters with the police?
Don't think so?

6. Where did you go on vacation?
Went to the Bahamas with Rajiv. Had a really magical time. Also went to Petersburg, VA and Binghampton, NY for family stuff. Less magical. And uh, the regular trips I make into NJ.

7. What did you purchase that was over $100?
Hmm! I don't know! In one sitting, I don't know if I have done that. I could scour my bank statements, but that's just going to get me in a sad mood.

8. Did you know anybody who got married?
Several people, but no one I am really close to.

9. Did you know anybody who passed away?

10. Did you move anywhere?

11. What sporting events did you attend?

12. What concerts/shows did you go to?
Recently saw A Christmas Carol which had a friend in it. Neat thing with them actually singing Christmas carols throughout. I also went to an AVICII show with Rajiv! Around my birthday, we saw Potted Potter which was fun and um, oh, I went to see competitive storytelling at The Moth with Amanda which was really cool. I can't think of much else though there may be some things. Of course, I'm not counting things I produced/wrote for/acted in for my theatre company, Between Us Productions, because that's silly. I definitely need to see more things.

13. Describe your birthday.
We went to an awesome Indian restaurant (Sarvanna) and then did karaoke in a cool Korean place, then those who were left went to a bar and were maybe a bit too drunk.

14. What is the ONE thing you thought you would not do, but did, in 2012?
Spent the amount of money I did. Also choked so many times on the driving test.

15. What have been your favourite moments?
Going down the waterslide out in the actual ocean in the Bahamas, a friend telling me that after a month of teaching I seem more confident.

16. Any new additions to your family?

17. What was your best month?
Not sure. Probably june?

18. Who has been your best drinking buddy?
Lol Phil, always the Robert to my Renly.

19. Made new friends?
New people I'm friendly with, but no.

20. Favorite Nights out?
Nights walking around soho with Phil and whoever else usually rank highly, but are sometimes costly.

21. Other than home, where did you spend most of your time?
At various schools.

22. Have you lost any friends this year?
I don't think so.

23. Change your hairstyle?
Not really. I've been cutting it myself, even. I might be getting bangs soon though.

24. Have any car accidents?

25. How old did you turn this year?

26. Do you have a New Years resolution?
Several. Get out of debt. Write every day. Exercise (not just walking) at least three times a week. Log my food into my fitness pal every day. And at least try the drivers test again. If I do any of these or get close, I will be proud.

27. Do anything embarrassing?

28. Buy anything from eBay?

29. Get married or divorced?

30. Get hit on?
Yes indeed.

31. Been snowboarding?

32. Did you get sick this year?
Besides colds, I got an awful stomach bug that I lay around and complained about.

33. Are you happy to see 2012 go?
I don't feel strongly either way.

34. Been naughty or nice?
Nice, I guess but I could always be better.

35. What are you looking forward to most in 2013?
Hopefully working more and having a steady stream of income so I can do fun things guilt free. I would really like to travel this year, but we'll see if that can happen.


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Jan. 1st, 2013 07:28 pm (UTC)
I was sticking my naked butt out of some friends window, actually

LOL, that's bound to be memorable XD

I'm glad that the trip to the Bahamas was awesome! And that the subbing sounds like it's going well.

Competitive storytelling -- I didn't know that was a thing, but it sounds intriguing!

It was very good to get a roundup of your year, because I've been wondering how you've been doing on a lot of fronts.
Jan. 3rd, 2013 05:14 pm (UTC)
The naked butt thing was really fun, I have to admit!

Aw, glad to hear you were wondering about me. Lj is a hard habit to get back into, but I am trying to make an effort because I feel that although it takes more effort than tumblr, it is a more satisfying blogging experience. The best of all possible blogging worlds for me would be to regularly use both but uh, yeah, I don't have unlimited blogging time!
Jan. 4th, 2013 03:18 am (UTC)
The ocean slide still sounds like such a freaking cool thing.

The driving test is horrible - never forget that you are not alone in your needing several tries. All that stress and sadness and when the hell do I even drive? Heh. I'm sure you can do it this next year, though - my secret weapon was drinking Red Bull before; maybe that will work for you, too?

Best of luck with the other resolutions, too!

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