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Female character 30 day meme day 18

Day Eighteen: Favorite non-warrior female character

Pam Halpert Nee Beasley from The Office

For this question, I decided to pick someone who was in a setting that is completely divergent from the idea of a warrior. I absolutely love Pam from The Office (and her original UK predecessor, Dawn, as well, but this is specifically about Pam). What I think is special about this character is that her story is extremely realistic and not glamorous. Pam breaks out of her boring job and failing relationship and does pursue her goals, but she doesn't suddenly become a famous artist. In fact, she failed her last class in art school, is working at the same office and is currently struggling with her weight gain from having two children. Yet, Pam showed incredible growth and bravery in working to achieve some of her goals while still dealing with the reality that she may not achieve all of them. Sure, I'd love to see her get work as an artist, but the fact that she got herself out of being a receptionist, tried being a sales rep and finally became the office manager, which is a more respected position was admirable, as is the fact that she actually tried going to art school at all. And I love the scene where she does the coal walk and comes over to tell everyone how she feels, which besides confronting Jim with her feeling includes pointing out to Michael that he wouldn't even walk across the coals and maybe she should be his boss. And how she got the office manager position, just by saying she was promoted and bluffing her way there! Of course, I adore the love story between her and Jim and part of why it works is that he really appreciates her as a person. I don't know if this is the last season of The Office or not, but I hope to see more badass moments from Pam.

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