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Female character 30 day meme day 19

I am going to finish this some day, I swear.

Day Nineteen: Favorite non-human female character

Dory from Finding Nemo

I really love how Dory was done in this movie. First of all, it's pretty rare to have a female character in a male driven story that is not there for romance. Sure, there is a relationship that can be interpreted as romantic, but it can also be interpreted as a completely familiar vibe. I also straight up found her hilarious and I love the foolish but wise thing. Her vulnerability is also extremely touching. Just everything about this movie is amazing, but Dory especially killed it for me...and got Ellen her career back which is an awesome plus.

Day One:Favorite lead female character
Day Two: Favorite supporting female character
Day Three: A character you had to learn to love
Day Four: A female character you relate to
Day Five: Favorite female character on a male-driven show/book/film
Six: Favorite female-driven show
Day Seven: A female character that needs more screen time
Day Eight: Favorite female character in a comedy show/book/film
Day Nine: Favorite female character in a drama show/book/film
Day Ten: Favorite female character in a scifi/supernatural show/book/film
Day Eleven: Favorite female character in a children’s show/book/film
Day Twelve: Favorite female character in a movie
Day Thirteen: Favorite female character in a book
Day Fourteen: Favorite older female character
Day Fifteen: Favorite female character growth arc
Day Sixteen: Favorite mother character
Day Seventeen: Favorite warrior female character
Day Eighteen: Favorite non-warrior female character
Day Nineteen: Favorite non-human female character
Day Twenty: Favorite female antagonist
Day Twenty-One: Favorite female character screwed over by canon
Day Twenty-Two: Favorite female character you love but everyone else hates
Day Twenty-Thre: Favorite female platonic relationship
Day Twenty-Four: Favorite female romantic relationship
Day Twenty-Five: Favorite mother/daughter relationship
Day Twenty-Six: Favorite classical female character (from pre-20th century literature or mythology or the like)
Day Twenty-Seven: Favorite sister relationship
Day Twenty-Eight: Favorite female writer or director
Day Twenty-Nine: Favorite child female character
Day Thirty: Whatever you'd like!


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Apr. 24th, 2012 05:47 pm (UTC)
yay Dory :)
Apr. 28th, 2012 02:51 am (UTC)
I just watched this (yet again) in school Wednesday and I have to agree! I think Dory is probably Pixar's best female character thus far (though it looks like they may be making more of an effort with Brave coming up).
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